Participants at the IMF – STI’s Monetary Policy course (Nov 5-16) not only had the chance to simulate policy responses under different monetary policy and exchange rate regimes, they also visited the Singapore Fintech Festival.

Participants of the STI Monetary Policy course visit Singapore Fintech Festival(November 12-16, 2018)

A High-Level Peer-to-Peer Forum for ASEAN Countries, jointly organized by the IMF, Monetary Authority of Singapore and the STI was held in Singapore on July 9-10, 2018, to discuss monetary policy design and implementation. Senior officials and IMF and international experts in attendance at the interactive sessions concluded that upgrades to policy frameworks in Asia are needed to meet current global challenges.

Please see Professor John Taylor’s Keynote Speech → Link

Modernizing Monetary Policy Frameworks in ASEAN Countries(July 9-10, 2018)