Beginning June 2020, the STI offers COVID-19 IMF Expert Webinars.  Sessions discuss international best practice and provide live access to experts.  Speakers will be drawn from a pool of IMF and international experts.

Authors of a Special IMF Series on COVID 19 will for instance discuss their findings and engage through Q and A sessions with the audience.







IMF Expert Webinar Title and Link to Registration Webinar Date Dur.(hrs) Registration Closing Date Course No. Presentation Recording
Past Webinars
STI Webinar on Public Debt Management under COVID-19 in Asia: Adapting the Financing Strategy and Improving Communications and Investor Relations Dec 17 1.5 15/12/2020 STR20.44  Link
International Financial Institutions’ Response to COVID-19 Dec 4 1.5 3/12/2020 ST20.28V
Advances in Macroprudential Stress Testing (MST) Dec 4 3 2/12/2020 ST20.38V Link
COVID-19 and Inequality in Asia: Risks of Social Unrest? Dec 2 1.5 30/11/2020 STR20.46 Link Link
The New Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI) Nov 30 2 25/11/2020 STR20.43 Link Link
COVID-19 and the Treatment of Restructured Loans for Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI) Compilation Nov 20 2 19/11/2020 STR20.42 Link Link
How to Model Macroeconomic and Epidemiological Interactions to Assess COVID-19 Impact and Mitigation Policies Nov 19 1.5 17/11/2020 STR20.40 Link Link
Governments’ Support for Workers and Households During COVID-19 and Beyond Nov 11 1.5 9/11/2020 STR20.39 Document Link
IMF Blog Link
IMF Working Paper
Macrofinancial Considerations for Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Nov 3 1.5 2/11/2020 STR20.37 Link Link
Are Remittance Flows Another Casualty of COVID-19? Oct 14 1.5 13/10/2020 STR20.36 Link Link
COVID-19 Funds in Response to the Pandemic Oct 7 1.5 6/10/2020 STR20.33 Link Link
2020 External Sector Report: Global Imbalances and the COVID-19 Crisis Sept 30 1.5 28/9/2020 STR20.32 Link
Government Finance Statistics during the COVID19 Pandemic – Two-Part Webinar Sept 23 & 24 1.5 each 22/9/2020 STR20.31 Link Link
Regulatory and Supervisory Response to the Impact of the Coronavirus: The Securities Market Sept 4 1.5 3/9/2020 STR20.22 Link Link
Responding to COVID-19: Meeting Cash & Debt Management Challenges Aug 26 1.5 25/8/2020 STR20.29 Link Link
Combatting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing During the Pandemic Aug 19 1.5 17/8/2020 STR20.16 Link Link
Tax Policy Responses to COVID-19 and Its Aftermath Aug 18 1.5 17/8/2020 STR20.23 Link Link
Regulatory and Supervisory Response to Deal with the Coronavirus Impact: The Insurance Sector Aug 4 1.5 31/7/2020 STR20.21 Link Link
Budgeting in a Crisis: Guidance for Preparing The 2021 Budget Jul 29 1.5 28/7/2020 STR20.20 Link Link
Digital Solutions to Support the COVID-19 Fiscal Policy Response Jul 23 1.5 21/7/2020 STR20.17 Link Link
Ensuring the Continuity of Quarterly National Accounts in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic Jul 15 1.5 14/7/2020 STR20.14 Link Link
STI–SEACEN Webinar on Cybersecurity of Remote Working and Cybersecurity Risk Supervision Jul 9 1.5 8/7/2020 STR20.13 Link Link
Recording Government Related COVID-19 Support to Businesses and Households Jul 8 1.5 7/7/2020 STR20.12 Link Link
CPI and PPI Continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jul 2 1.5 1/7/2020 STR20.11 Link Link
Liquidity Support to Businesses Jul 2 1.5 1/7/2020 STR20.10 Link Link
State-Owned Enterprises in the Time of COVID-19 Jul 1 1.5 26/6/2020 STR20.05 Link Link
Dampening Global Financial Shocks in Emerging Markets – Can Macroprudential Regulation Help? Jun 22 1.5 21/6/2020 STR20.08 Link
CPI Continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jun 18 1.5 15/6/2020 STR20.03 Link Link
Banking Sector Regulatory and Supervisory Response to Deal with the Impact of Coronavirus Jun 17 1.5 16/6/2020 STR20.02 Link Link