Beginning June 2020, the STI offers COVID-19 IMF Expert Webinars.  Sessions discuss international best practice and provide live access to experts.  Speakers will be drawn from a pool of IMF and international experts.

Authors of a Special IMF Series on COVID 19 will for instance discuss their findings and engage through Q and A sessions with the audience.





IMF Expert Webinar Title and Link to Registration Webinar Date Dur.(hrs) Registration Closing Date Course No. Presentation Recording
Upcoming Webinars
Tax Policy Responses to COVID-19 and Its Aftermath Aug 18 1.5 17/8/2020 STR20.23 Link
Combatting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing During the Pandemic Aug 19 1.5 17/8/2020 STR20.16
Responding to COVID-19: Meeting Cash & Debt Management Challenges Aug 26 1.5 25/8/2020 STR20.29
Past Webinars
Regulatory and Supervisory Response to Deal with the Coronavirus Impact: The Insurance Sector Aug 4 1.5 31/7/2020 STR20.21 Link Link
Budgeting in a Crisis: Guidance for Preparing The 2021 Budget Jul 29 1.5 28/7/2020 STR20.20 Link Link
Digital Solutions to Support the COVID-19 Fiscal Policy Response Jul 23 1.5 21/7/2020 STR20.17 Link Link
Ensuring the Continuity of Quarterly National Accounts in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic Jul 15 1.5 14/7/2020 STR20.14 Link Link
STI–SEACEN Webinar on Cybersecurity of Remote Working and Cybersecurity Risk Supervision Jul 9 1.5 8/7/2020 STR20.13 Link Link
Recording Government Related COVID-19 Support to Businesses and Households Jul 8 1.5 7/7/2020 STR20.12 Link Link
CPI and PPI Continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jul 2 1.5 1/7/2020 STR20.11 Link Link
Liquidity Support to Businesses Jul 2 1.5 1/7/2020 STR20.10 Link Link
State-Owned Enterprises in the Time of COVID-19 Jul 1 1.5 26/6/2020 STR20.05 Link Link
Dampening Global Financial Shocks in Emerging Markets – Can Macroprudential Regulation Help? Jun 22 1.5 21/6/2020 STR20.08 Link
CPI Continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jun 18 1.5 15/6/2020 STR20.03 Link Link
Banking Sector Regulatory and Supervisory Response to Deal with the Impact of Coronavirus Jun 17 1.5 16/6/2020 STR20.02 Link Link