Starting July 2020, the STI starts to offer STI Remote Training. Through in-person courses and workshops officials will be exposed to the latest economic policy thinking. The training is based on the IMF core curriculum and adapted for remote delivery and updated with COVID-19 relevant material.







STI Remote Training Title Training Date Dur.(wks) Registration Closing Date Course No. Training Program Recording
Past Remote Training
Fiscal Policy Analysis (FPA) Dec 7 to 18 2 wks 30/10/2020 ST20.36V Link
Workshop on the Joint IMF/World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income Countries (LIC DSF) – Cancelled Dec 7 to 11 1 wks 30/10/2020 ST20.37V
Advanced Macro-Stress Testing (MST) Dec 1 to 4 1 wks 15/11/2020 ST20.38V
Legal Aspects of International Financial Institutions (LAIF) Nov 30 to Dec 4 1 wks 2/10/2020 ST20.28V
Financial Development and Financial Inclusion: Topics on Financial inclusion – Virtual offering (FDFIv) Nov 23 to 27 1 wks 21/9/2020 ST20.26V
Monetary Policy (MP) Oct 12 to 23 2 wks 13/9/2020 ST20.35V
Financial Programming and Policies, Part 2: Program Design (FPP2v) Sep 7 to 25 3 wks part-time Invitation ST20.34V Link
Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts and Analysis (FPP1v) Jul 20 to Aug 7 3 wks part-time Invitation ST20.33V Link
Maintaining Financial Stability under Covid-19 Jul 24 to 29 0.6 Invitation ST20.32V Link Link