The training events offered at the IMF – Singapore Regional Training Institute (STI) are intended for officials from the Asia and Pacific region.

Admission to training events is either by application or by invitation.

For courses by invitation, candidates are generally nominated by government agencies on the request of the IMF department responsible for delivering the course. Applications are not accepted for courses marked “By Invitation”.

For courses by application, applicants should use the online application system at to complete and submit their applications. Please note that the STI no longer accepts hardcopy applications.

Please note the following items carefully:

  1. Eligibility and Requirements
  2. Application/Nomination Process
  3. Selection Process

Applications should be submitted online.

Once the application form is completed and the appropriate signatures and agency seal for the Sponsor’s Certification Form have been obtained, you may submit your application.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is strictly observed.

You may refer to following useful links related with training events: