Peer-Learning Webinar Series on Digital Technologies/Money in Asia and the Pacific

The Asia and the Pacific region is at the forefront of experimentation and the adoption of digital technologies. In the area of finance, they range from private payment systems to central bank digital currencies, and to technologies to foster financial inclusion. Efforts are also under way to use digital technology to analyze publicly available data in real time as an additional input into macroeconomic policy making.

This peer-learning series will share information about emerging good practices drawing on in-depth analysis of individual country cases, and highlight emerging IMF capacity development in this fast-growing area. The series focuses on (i) private payment systems; (ii) central bank digital currency (CBDC); (iii) fintech and financial inclusion; (iv) digital money cross-border flows; (v) capital flow management in a digital age, and (vi) digital banking. The next event is Fintech and Financial Inclusion and the case of Bangladesh.

 June 2, 2022  At the Frontier: India's Digital Payment System and Beyond
 July 6/7, 2022  Central Bank Digital Currency and the Case of China 
 September 28, 2022  Fintech and Financial Inclusion: Asia-Africa and the Case of Bangladesh
 November 2022  Digital Money Cross-Border Flows and the Cases of Thailand and Malaysia (STI and CDOT)
 March 2023  Capital Flow Management in a Digital Age
 May 2023  Internet Banking and the Case of an Asian Country (TBA)