The online learning program is designed to complement the Institute’s residential training program. Online learning will increasingly provide a “blended learning” experience, where participants will complete interactive, online courses in advance of attending the Institute’s face-to-face training. Participants will also be able to take online courses as stand-alone learning experiences.

These online courses feature recorded video clips of lectures interspersed with interactive quizzes and hands-on exercises. Courses include a discussion forum to allow participants to network and discuss the course content. Weekly assignments are computer-graded and subject to strict deadlines, but participants can work at their own pace during each week of the course.

One major advantage of the online program is the ability to offer courses to all interested government officials, free of enrollment limits. At times, these courses will be made open to the general public as massive open online courses (MOOCs). Each catalog listing will indicate the audience. Government officials may choose to register for MOOCs or for courses targeted only to officials.

Eligible Countries:
All IMF member countries with the exception of those few countries that have been declared ineligible for technical assistance. For country eligibility please check

Selection Process:
Online courses are free of charge and open to all government officials regardless of agency. All who register will be admitted—there are no limits by country or agency. Sponsor contact information is requested in the online application, but formal sponsor approval is not required.

The online application can be accessed at

Online courses require a reliable internet connection and may also require software such as Excel or EViews (for which a temporary license will be made available). Individual course descriptions will include such requirements as well as the length of the course and the expected workload in hours per week.

The current schedule and a full description of the courses are available at the Institute’s website at

Please check the online catalog often as new course offerings will be added regularly.