January 13, 2025

January 24, 2025

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Application Deadline

August 16, 2024

In-Person : Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics - Intermediate (BPIIPS-M)

January 13 - 24

Target Audience

Officials responsible for the compilation of external sector statistics (ESS) (balance of payments and/or international investment position (IIP) statistics), and who are familiar with the methodology of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics Manual, sixth edition (BPM6).


Participants are expected to have a degree in economics or statistics and at least two years of relevant compilation experience, or should have completed the Compilation of Balance of Payments Statistics (BPSCG) course.

Course Description

This course, presented by the Statistics Department, targets compilers with a certain degree of experience in the compilation and/or analysis of balance of payments and/or IIP. It aims at providing a deep understanding of the concepts, data sources and compilation techniques for balance of payments and IIP statistics and their application for addressing complex methodological issues. The course does not cover the basic balance of payments and IIP concepts. The intermediate level of the course presupposes participants’ familiarity with the basic concepts.The course consists of a series of lectures and workshops analyzing country cases with a strong data component and to allow peer learning and sharing of experiences. Recognizing the challenges in compiling data in emerging areas of user interest, the course emphasizes specific topics, such as estimating informal cross border activities and the treatment of special purpose entities. The course examines themes and challenges emerging from developments in global economy, and participants have the opportunity to discuss how these impact compilation work. Specific exercises are geared to integrating data compilation with Fund surveillance and policy advice; and to demonstrate the analytical uses of ESS.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge gained in dealing with complex methodological and compilation issues related to balance of payments and IIP statistics.
  • Describe the high-level themes that are being addressed during the current update of BPM6.
  • Identify potential data sources and compilation techniques to be used to improve the coverage in ESS of activities emerging from globalization.
  • Describe the analytical uses of balance of payments and IIP statistics.


Language: English
Application process: Please apply online