April 7, 2025

April 11, 2025

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Application Deadline

January 13, 2025

In-Person : Fintech and Digital Money: Selected Issues (FDMSI)

April 7 - 11

Target Audience

Mid- to senior-level officials working in the regulation, supervision and oversight, financial stability departments at the central bank and financial sector supervision and in positions with similar responsibilities.


Participants should have experience in regulation/oversight operations and/in one or more of the following areas: payments, legal, technology, monetary policy, and financial stability.

Course Description

Fintech and digitization are transforming the financial services landscape, creating opportunities and challenges for consumers, service providers, and regulators alike. Rapid changes in this area require regulatory authorities to carefully balance the efficiency and stability trade-offs and assure that risks can be effectively managed without stifling innovation. This course, presented by the IMFs Monetary and Capital Markets Department, aims to explore such challenges, providing an overview of regulation of fintech including opportunities and challenges related to digital money.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants should be able to understand global fintech developments and regulatory responses. They should be able to identify key regulatory challenges in relation to fintech and digital money within their jurisdictions, and use lectures and discussions as a framework for regulatory responses.


Language: English
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