Starting in June 2020, the STI offers IMF Expert Webinars. Sessions have discussed international best practice on a range of topics relevant to the region and provided live access to experts. Speakers have been drawn from a pool of IMF and international experts who discuss their findings and engage through Q&A sessions with the audience.


IMF Expert Webinar Title and Link to Registration Webinar Date Dur.(hrs) Registration Closing Date Course No. Presentation Recording
Upcoming Webinars
STI Webinar on Housing Market Stability and Affordability in the Asia-Pacific Region Dec 15 1.5 13/12/2022 STR22.16 Flyer  
Past Webinars
STI Webinar on Shipping Costs and Inflation Apr 27 1.5 25/04/2022 STR22.04   Link
IMF’s Asia and Pacific Outlook - April 2022 Apr 27 1.5 27/04/2022 N.A. APD Regional Outlook 2022

WEO - Chpt 2

WEO - Chpt 4
STI Webinar on China’s Rebalancing and Gender Inequality May 18 1.5 13/05/2022 STR22.05 Link Link
STI Webinar on Effects of Emerging Market Central Bank Asset Purchases: Taking Cues from the COVID-19 Pandemic June 22 1.5 17/06/2022 STR22.07 Link
STI Webinar on Impact of COVID-19 on attitudes to Climate Change and Support for Climate Policies July 27 1.5 25/07/2022 STR22.10 Link  
Webinar on Toward Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia and the Pacific – Result of a Regional Survey Oct 6 1.0 03/10/2022 N.A. Link 1

Link 2
STI Webinar on Sovereign Debt Oct 19 1.5 14/10/2022 STR22.14 Link 1

Link 2
STI Webinar on Tackling Legal Impediments To Women’s Economic Empowerment Oct 20 1.5 18/10/2022 STR22.13 Link Link
STI Webinar on Financial Regulation, Climate Change, and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy Nov 1 1.5 28/10/2022 STR22.11 Link Link
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