Starting in June 2020, the STI offers IMF Expert Webinars. Sessions have discussed international best practice on a range of topics relevant to the region and provided live access to experts. Speakers have been drawn from a pool of IMF and international experts who discuss their findings and engage through Q&A sessions with the audience.


IMF Expert Webinar Title and Link to Registration Webinar Date Dur.(hrs) Registration Closing Date Course No. Presentation Recording
Past Webinars
STI Webinar on Supervisory Actions and Priorities in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Feb 19 1.5 17/02/2021 STR21.01 Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
STI Webinar on Tax Policy for Inclusive Growth after the Pandemic Feb 26 1.5 25/02/2021 STR21.02 Link Link
STI Webinar on Regulatory Easing in Times of Covid Mar 3 1.5 02/03/2021 STR21.03 Link Link
STI Webinar on Central Bank Support for Spot and Derivative Foreign Exchange Markets Mar 24 1.5 23/03/2021 STR21.04 Link Link
STI Webinar on Harnessing the Power of Information Technology for Public Financial Management Reform in South East Asia April 27 3 24/04/2021 STR21.08 Link Link
STI Webinar on Inflation and Cost of Living in Singapore and Asia: Post – Pandemic Implications April 29 3 27/04/2021 STR21.09 Link Link
STI Webinar on Unwinding COVID-19 Policy Interventions for Banking Systems May 4 1.5 03/05/2021 STR21.05 Link Link
STI Webinar on Policies to Offset U.S. Monetary Policy Spillovers May 12 1.5 10/05/2021 STR21.06 Link Link
STI Webinar on Corporate and Household Insolvency May 18 & 19 4 15/05/2021 STR21.07 Link Link
STI Webinar on Proposal for an International Carbon Price Floor Among Large Emitters June 9 1.5 08/06/2021 STR21.12    
Fiscal Policies for Climate Change and a Green Recovery Sept 7 1.5 06/09/2021 STR21.10 Link Link
STI Webinar on Virtual Assets (VAs) and Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) Sept 14 - 17 3 07/09/2021 STR21.13    
STI Webinar on The New IMF Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI) Data Collection Sept 22 2 17/09/2021 STR21.14    
STI Webinar on Fiscal Policies for Climate Change Adaptation Oct 6 1.5 04/10/2021 STR21.15 Link Link
STI Webinar on Growth and Adjustment in IMF-Supported Programs Oct 27 1.5 26/10/2021 STR21.16 Link 1
Link 1
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